What are RiotSheds?

Simply put RiotSheds are a safe, secure, affordable and easy to place shelters that protect what’s most valuable to you.

RiotSheds and Riot Rooms are designed to offer protection for those who simply can’t take on the massive remodel or dig for a custom built bunker.

We realize not everyone can afford an expensive $200,000 huge home remodel for an underground bunker. Not all homes have a spare room to convert to a safe room or yards they can dig up for a bunker. Many homes do however happen to have a garage, basement for a Riot Room or small backyard for an inconspicuous garden shed exterior with armor plating interior.

Why a very simple looking garden shed? Because during all the latest riots we haven’t seen a lot of people looting used rakes and lawn mowers.
The zombies will pass by a plain looking garden shed to look for more valuable targets of opportunity .

Not only are the occupants hidden out of sight. They are also extremely well protected. Allowing occupants to safely ride out the nights of civil unrest and wait until morning when things calm down.

Which is better, an underground shelter or an above-ground shelter?

Studies have shown that you are just as safe in an approved/certified above-ground safe room as in a
below-ground shelter. In certain situations you could actually be safer in an above-ground shelter,
such as when there is flooding or if the door is blocked by debris with no other way out.

Cons for below-ground shelters

•Susceptible to stresses and strains of the ground freezing in the wintertime
• Can be forced out of the ground in areas where the water table is high
• Expensive to dig if bedrock exists
• Possibility of flooding from rain, broken water pipes, or a high water table
• Steep, narrow stairs for entry

Pros for above-ground RiotShed Shelters

• Little or no ground preparation required
• Can be entered easily, particularly by elderly or disabled
• Less chance of flooding from rain or broken pipes
• Less expensive to install
• Can be conveniently located within the house or structure

All of our RiotSheds feature multiple levels of security starting with

•Class 1 Fire Rated siding and insulation.
•Specially designed metal backed siding to break saw tools and
prevent anyone from cutting through it.
•Extra strong steel security door with 12 point locking system
•Anti-jemmy hinge bolts
•Anti-jemmy lip round the frame
•R15 insulation.

Multiple layers of protection to make them virtually burglar proof.

RiotSheds Pistol and Rifle Resistant models meet or exceeds all requirements put forth by NSSA, FEMA 320 and ICC-500 standards.
ESP (Emergency – Security – Preparedness) Safety Shelters (GROUND LEVEL ONLY)
Capable of withstanding the equivalent of an EF5 Tornado.

RiotSheds Pistol Caliber Resistant models in testing have successfully stopped multiple hits from

•40 Cal
•45 ACP
•357 Magnum
•454 Casull

RiotSheds Rifle Caliber Resistant models in testing have successfully stopped multiple hits from

•5.56 Nato (AR-15)
•7.62×39 (AK-47)
•308/ 7.62×59 (SCAR17, AR10, FN-FAL)
•50 BMG -Multiple hits at 10 yards. (Need we say more?)

Why not say bullet proof?

According to our lawyers, tanks technically fire bullets

*Disclaimer, RiotSheds and Riot Rooms are not tank proof. They can not stop anti-tank bullets, projectiles, missiles, artillery shells, nuclear bombs or anything else designed to destroy a tank. If you are worried about being attacked by someone with the fire power to blow up a tank. It might be time to consider a new neighborhood instead of a new saferoom.