RiotShed High Security Shed



Tired of your stuff getting ripped off?
Looking for a way to secure your valuables and not worry about theft? Our Security Sheds are designed from the ground up with security in mind.

Internal Storage Area 8′ x 12′
•Requires a minimum of 13′ X 9’cement slab foundation.

Featuring multiple levels of security starting with

•Class 1 Fire Rated siding and insulation.
•Specially designed metal backed siding to break saw tools and
prevent anyone from cutting through it.
•40″ Extra strong steel security door with 12 point locking system
•Anti-jemmy hinge bolts
•Anti-jemmy lip round the frame
•R15 insulation.


**Due to unprecedented demand please allow 8-10 weeks for installation or Delivery**

We are making and installing our units as fast as we can. Once payment has been received your order number will be generated guaranteeing your spot in line. Reserve your spot in line now for the fastest installation


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