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Why a very simple looking garden shed? Because during all the latest riots we haven’t seen a lot of people looting used rakes and lawn mowers.
The zombies will pass by an plain looking garden shed to look for more valuable targets of opportunity.

Not only are the occupants hidden out of sight. They are also extremely well protected behind 3 layers of protection. Allowing them to ride out the nights of civil unrest in total safety.
All at less than 1/2 the cost of a home remodel for a saferoom.

Riot Sheds Rifle Resistant model is made and designed to keep you safe from the most common calibers of pistols, rifles, thieves, vandals, zombies, etc.

Internal  80”L x 140”W x 76”H
•Requires a minimum of 13′ X 9’cement slab foundation.

Riot Sheds Rifle Resistant model in testing has successfully stopped multiple concurrent hits from

•40 Cal
•45 ACP
•357 Magnum
•454 Casull
•5.56 NATO (AR 15)
•7.62X39 (AK 47)
•308, 7.62x59mm
•6.5 Creedmoor
•50 BMG – Multiple hits

Featuring multiple levels of security starting with

•Class 1 Fire Rated siding and insulation.
•40″ Extra strong steel security door with 12 point locking system.
•Anti-jemmy hinge bolts.
•Anti-jemmy lip round the frame.
•Highly cut resistant, metal backed siding.
•R15 value insulation.

Behind the security door sits our high strength steel armor that transforms your Riot Shed into a camouflaged backyard safe room.
Capable of withstanding the equivalent of an EF5 Tornado and being shot at with high power military grade rifles.
Even if the bad guys manage to get the 12 locking point outer steel door open from the Riot Shed.
They would be greeted with our patented double sliding door system that our engineers bet their own lives on during testing.
Once the double door system has been latched from the inside. It can’t be unlatched from the outside.

What’s the specs on our patented powered security hulls hidden by a very common looking garden shed?

•Meets or exceeds all requirements put forth by NSSA, FEMA 320 and ICC-500 standards. ESP (Emergency – Security – Preparedness) Safety Shelters (ABOVE GROUND ONLY)
•Behind the exterior reinforced steel door is our double unique sliding reinforced steel door that eliminates problems commonly associated with double inward and outward swinging doors.
•Comes pre wired with lights, exhaust fans and outlets for use when you’re taking shelter. Customer has choice to have an electrician hard wire it or use our quick connect system to simply plug the shed in with an extension cord.
•A Security Grade Deadbolt holds the latch bar into the locked position and keeps the door from being opened from the outside.
•Three steel pins securely lock the door closed within a 3” deep steel jamb pocket. The Riot Sheds design does not rely solely on deadbolts as the primary locking mechanism.
•Riot Sheds has a 4th locking pin that can only be installed and removed from the inside. Even if the security deadbolt is damaged from the outside, with this pin properly installed, the door will never open (unless the inhabitants remove this pin).
•A single handle operation locks all three pins into place in a single motion. There is never any need to waste precious time trying to lock three or four deadbolts to secure your door.
•Quick manipulating locking mechanism works in conjunction with a security grade latch/key lock.
•Shielded air vents allow uninterrupted air flow.

Riot Sheds Electrical System

A 2” electrical conduit sweep will be installed in the Riot Sheds slab giving you the option to
have an electrician run power to the inside of the unit or you can simply run an extension cord.
For Riot Room Systems special instructions will be provided on how to best route electrical into
the unit.

• Inside the unit there will be a 4 outlet electrical hub with a resettable circuit breaker that
protects against overloads, 125V, 15A, and a power on indicator light.

•LED interior lighting kit with 32.8 ft. of tape lighting, self adhesive clips so you can place lighting
to fit your accessory placement, Dimmable: The 12V led light strip works with the unique
designed dimmer, long press dimmer to adjust light brightness, short press to turn off, low heat,
touchable, 23.5 Watts, 1526 Lumen, long lifetime features and comes with a ETL and FCC listed
power adapter with short circuit protection for safe plug in.
Benches, shelving, built-in gun racks, and emergency kits are also available!

**Due to unprecedented demand please allow 8-10 weeks for installation or Delivery**

We are making and installing our units as fast as we can. Once payment has been received your order number will be generated guaranteeing your spot in line. Reserve your spot in line now for the fastest installation