For some people helmets, life vests, fire extinguishers, etc., make them feel safe. Others do not need that level of safety to manage their everyday life.

For the rest of the population, we (myself included) want to have access to a higher level of security, if necessary. We want to know we have an inconspicuous and impenetrable place to retreat to when we have to escape from fleeting danger. We want a literal shelter from the storm. Even if you are the type to stand your ground or to go out and join the battle, you can rest assured that your loved ones, and those who are the most vulnerable, will be absolutely protected until the chaos passes.

This need is why we created Riot Sheds. Our designs stem from a collaboration of a team of engineers and military contractors who have spent years in war zones working with high-level security installations. People who have experience in mechanical engineering, metal fabrication and combining materials that create desired results. The results, of which, are geared towards the goal of surviving situations we hope to only see in the movies.      

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Riot Shed Models

Riot Sheds provides a wide range of options
to meet a variety of realistic security situations.